Travel Insurance Information for people with Cardiac Conditions

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Trying to get Travel Insurance for Cardiac Patients can be a major source of concern. The thing to do is to plan to arrange it well ahead of the proposed trip. Last minute applications and appeals can end in tears!


General things to know

  • Illnesses you have had before applying for insurance are known as “pre-existing conditions.
  • Don’t leave getting travel insurance until the last minute. Getting cover for pre-existing conditions is complicated and takes time to arrange.
  • Talk to your doctor. You could need a letter stating that you are fit to travel.
  • Tell the insurance company everything about your current medical condition and any other illnesses you have had in the past. If you don’t then try to make a claim the insurance company can declare your policy invalid. So it’s really a case of “honesty is the best policy!”
  • Make sure you are clear on what cover you are being offered and that it will meet your needs in case of an emergency.


European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)

EHIC entitles you (if you are an Irish resident) to medical care in the public health systems of European Countries (the E.U.). Iceland – Norway – Liechtenstein and Switzerland* are also in this group. One card is required for each person travelling. For more information on EHIC go to
You are strongly advised to buy travel insurance as well as taking the EHIC card with you.

* Switzerland is short stay cover for illness or injury.


Northern Ireland & the UK

You do not need an EHIC card to get health care on a short visit or holiday to these countries. Proof of Irish Republic residency is all that is required. But after Brexit it is best to seek clarification at


Independent Advice Sources

Trained staff will answer specific queries on travelling with a heart condition at

  • The Irish Heart Foundation Heart & Stroke helpline – 1890 432 787 or
  • Irish Association of Cardiac Rehabilitation


Insurance Companies who provide cover for Cardiac /Stroke Conditions

Note. The following is a list of Insurance Companies that provide cover for people with cardiac conditions. As each company has its own terms & conditions and as they can change from time to time.  We provide a list of their contact details only.
Getcover House, 6 Leopardstown Office Park, Dublin 18.
Tel. 1850 851 297 or visit

AllClear Insurance Services
AllClear House, 1 Redwing Court,Ashton Road, Romford, Essex, RM3 8QQ
Tel 0845 250 5200 or visit or

Accident & General
34 Abbey Street, Dublin  1.
Tel. 01-874 8458 or Fax 01-874 9201.

MIA Online Ltd.
Two policies offered: Clear2Go and Clear4Takeoff.
Tel. 01268 782 745 or 01268 783 383 or visit

Voluntary Health Insurance Board (VHI)
VHI House, Lower Abbey Street,Dublin  1.
Tel 01-8724 499 or 1850 444 444 or visit

The VHI multi-trip travel policy covers pre-existing conditions.

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