Farm and Rural Stress – Help is at hand

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Living in the country? Feeling down? You’re not the only one.

People’s reasons for living in the country are many and varied. Whether you were born and reared there or made a deliberate decision to move, people tend to associate living in the country with having a better environment, more space, being more relaxed and possibly being safer.

While these facts to a large extent are true, country life does not always live up to its perceived idyllic image and there can be many associated difficulties with living in a rural area.

Difficulties of living in a rural area

People living in the country experience the same stresses and worries as everyone else. Financial worries, difficulties at work or at home, domestic violence, relationship problems, issues around sexual identity, bullying, racism, abuse etc. affect people regardless of where they live. However, there are other difficulties that are primarily associated with living in a rural area such as little or no access to services, lack of public transport, isolation and loneliness. These issues are often considered to be problems associated with growing older but this is not the case, they affect people of all ages and occupations.

Time for change

Rural communities have changed dramatically in recent years but often, what hasn’t changed, is that people feel there is a stigma around asking for help or talking about their problems. What is important to realise is that most people at some time or other feel worried, stressed or even depressed about a particular problem in their life.

It doesn’t matter whether you are young, old, single, married or separated, or what you do for a living, the same problems affect people regardless. What matters is that you seek help and support.

Learn more in this brochure issued by the HSE.

Farm and Rural Stress brochure
Farm and Rural Stress brochure
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