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Seniors Alert Scheme with Pobal and Helplink South

Did you know are eligible to apply for a FREE monitored alarm through the Seniors Alert Scheme if you are:

  • 65 or over
  • Living alone or with another person who meets the criteria

What is the Seniors Alert Scheme?

Its purpose is to enable persons of limited means to continue to live securely in their homes with confidence, independence and peace of mind by providing them with a free personal monitored alarm.

How does the scheme work?

People eligible for the scheme get a free personal alarm and pendant. The alarm can be worn as a pendant or around the wrist like a watch. When pressed it connects wirelessly to be a base unit, usually attached to a phone. The base unit immediately sends a call to a 24 hour monitoring centre.

How much will it cost?

The equipment is funded through the Department of Housing, Planning, Community and Local Government and administered by Pobal, and the grant covers the cost of purchasing and installing the monitored personal alarm and additional pendant. The annual monitoring fee is paid by the grant recipient to the monitoring company.

Below is a little infographic video explaining the scheme.

To apply for this grant or for more information on the Seniors Alert Scheme, contact Helplink South:

Helplink South

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