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10/02/2022 11:00 - 12:30

Our HeartBeat Strutters Walk group meet every Thursday, gathering at the King’s Bridge opposite St. Mary’s Cathedral.

  • Phase 4 Exercise Rehabilitation Specialist KEVIN MURPHY is the WALK LEADER.
  • There will be warm-up and cool-down sessions + group and individual advice.
  • There will be a €2 fee (collected before the walk / light exercises start.)
  • Whether you are recovering from a surgical or medical procedure of any kind, or just plain “rusted up” after two years years of lockdown Kevin will ease you back up to the level of fitness that is safe for you in a safe way.
  • The walk will take place every Thursday. SAME TIME SAME STARTING SPOT. €2 each week.
  • SPREAD THE WORD about these walks. The SAFE way to take recovery a step further!
  • Walk Queries to Mairead 087 681 8473. – Fitness/ mobility queries to Kevin 087 600 2180
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