Cardiac Support Group Meeting

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26/08/2019 20:00 - 22:00
Serenity Centre
Phone:085 177 3910
Address: HeartBeat Killarney Kerry

Our guest speaker at this month's meeting is Eoin Burns - Breathing Coach.

Eoin is a fully qualified Asthmacare Practitioner, living in Fenit and conducts clinics in the Kerry region. Eoin is a UCG/ NUIG (degree in Engineering) and DIT (Masters in Business) graduate.

Eoin can teach you how to breathe correctly, to stop snoring, ease your asthma or hayfever, reduce your sleep apnoea, boost your immune system and enhance your metabolism.

Eoin advocates that by breathing correctly you can do the same exercise intensity at lower heart and breathing rates allowing you to outperform - go further, faster and further. By recovering more quickly you are re-energised more easily and you also enhance your hydration. Eoin facilitates clients to follow a set programme of exercises so they can improve your blood oxygen levels and enhance rest, recovery and sleep.

An active sportsman, Eoin uses Buteyko techniques to improve his sports performance and will teach you to maximise the efficiency of your breathing for everyday breathing and sports performance. Eoin currently holds clinics in Tralee, Killarney and Listowel. Eoin will also provide enhanced breathing training for sporting clubs and other interested groups by appointment in other locations.

For more details contact Eoin on or 086 804 9440 or visit

Breathing Coach
Eoin Burns - Breathing Coach
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