These short videos were created by our good friend, author and life coach Astrid Longhurst, to lift your spirits and provide short, easy and hopefully inspirational moments of joy, peace and positivity. Each one is different and was made with love. Enjoy!

Body Love Tip

Enjoy this one minute body love tip to lift your mood if you are feeling low. The power of words is powerful when it comes to changing our state of being. We often give other people compliments, however we may forget to say wonderful things to ourselves. Wellbeing begins within and starts with how we talk to ourselves!

Be Present Tip

A gentle reminder to be here in this moment. Slow down and notice what’s around you. Worry and anxiety can make us focus on the future with fear. However, when you come back into the moment you are living in, you are able to regain peace, calm and clarity.

Gratitude Meditation Tip

Spend a few moments in this beautiful mindful gratitude meditation. Gratitude can help us to feel calm and helps to move us out of anxiety and stress. Make this lovely little meditation part of your day to promote ease, joy and wellbeing.

Positive Thought Tip

The way we think determines how we feel and the kind of actions that we take in our lives. This little video inspires you to think positively and why it matters and the difference that this can make in your life. In these uncertain times, being able to think positively is a skill we all need. Choose the thoughts that make you feel better and remember that there is always hope!

Inspirational Words Tip

Play this little video every morning to remind you to have the most beautiful day! It reminds us of how wonderful life is and to take time to fully enjoy and appreciate the gift of being alive.